Legacy + ATP Ejendomme

Meet ATP Ejendomme

ATP Ejendomme (a subsidiary of ATP) owns, operates and develops some of the most beautiful properties in Denmark. Their business not only fosters the Danish pension account,  but they are also committed to making a positive contribution to society. They aim to set new standards for sustainability and for a good working environment. That way, they do not just invest in real estate. They are investing in future generations. 

Incoming Regulations & Legislations

The construction and operation of real estate properties account for 40% of the world’s CO2 emissions. The real estate industry is being pressured by national and international regulations to take responsibility for this significant consumption. But this is a big task, as ATP and various other real estate companies have experienced first hand, the process of calculating carbon emissions is time consuming and tedious. ATP saw an opportunity to automate this process and make carbon accounting operational.

Making sustainability operational 

On demand 

Legacy has built a solution to automatically and continuously collect consumption data and convert this data to CO2 emissions from the most up to date and accurate emissions factors. Having accurate and up to date data at your fingertips makes it a powerful tool in decision making, planning and forecasting. 

Easy Reporting 

GRESB and FSR reports are well known for many property managers. These annual reports take a significant amount of time and complex spreadsheets. With Legacy, the data is all aggregated into one platform and customized reports can be made to ensure ATP lives up to current and future regulations. 

Reliable Data 

Carbon accounting is becoming an increasingly diligent practice, that is why Legacy’s calculations are fully auditable by reporting authorities. Ensuring the data can be verified and having transparent sources brings clarity to a complex topic and reduces green washing practices.

"Legacy is an exciting proptech company and a very good example of how new digital solutions can help innovate and streamline the real estate industry, creating value in ways we have not seen before. We will see many more examples of this going forward, and we look forward to being part of the development" 
CEO of ATP Ejendomme A/S, Martin Vang Hansen

"The collaboration with Legacy will give us much faster and efficient processes and at the same time allow us to also do CO2 forecasting. It will be a particularly useful tool for our Asset Managers when assessing the sustainable optimization opportunities for the individual properties in our property portfolio."
ESG manager in ATP Ejendomme A/S, Peter Hebin Bruun

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