Urbantech Podcast

We were humbled to be invited for a conversation on the Urbantech Podcast. 

'One of the challenges that happens, not just in cities, but in general, when new things happen is that change is difficult and it's hard, especially change in areas that are complex and hard to grasp. And one of the mantras I use a lot in Legacy is to be empathic about everyone's journey. So some companies, organizations, or communities are far ahead, they might be front runners, and others haven't even realized that the UN sustainability goals exists and that we're going through an unprecedented development of all urban areas around the world. Because we have to mitigate climate change, we have to change the way we live, communicate commute, shop and so on, and it's not easy. And I think the biggest part is to be extremely empathic and understand and not be judging. You can't point to people and say, you're not doing good enough if they don't even know what they should be doing or not, because they have so much stuff going on already and taking on a complex topic like for example, CO2 reporting, it's immensely hard to grasp. ' - Søren Fuhr, Legacy

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