DI Digital Showcase

DI Digital's 2021 anniversary, Magnus and Søren took to the stage at Industriens Hus to ask the question: "As an early start-up, how do you ensure that you take the right steps towards scaling - and eventually towards scaling abroad?"

But appropriate, since, according to DI - Digital, Legacy, 1 of 3 selected Danish start-ups have the potential to become something big over time; even a so-called Unicorn! 

We are extremely proud, and at the same time humble - not least about being in the category with top strong Radiobotics and Female Invest 

In start-ups there is always something that should be done yesterday. Fortunately - that's one of the things that makes it fun 

Read the full article here: https://www.danskindustri.dk/brancher/di-digital/om-di-digital/di-digital-arsdag/

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