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Sustainability. CO2. Climate reporting?! Are you confused? Don’t know where to start? Get started on measuring and reporting on your CO2 emissions - digitally and automatic. 

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Climate Accounting Elements
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Sustainability is here to stay.

What's it to you?

You need to future-proof your business!
As an owner, CO2 accounting can seem complicated and acquiring assistance from consultants can quickly become very expensive!

But you are expected to take responsibility for the company - which means for your climate impact too! Sustainability requirements and legislation will only become more comprehensive in the future.

Living up to this responsibility requires you to be aware of the baseline for CO2 emissions in your company. Only then can you continuously monitor and report on your footprint.
Legacy helps you get started on the basics of CO2-accounting - quickly and cheaply.

You will be the one keeping track of your climate impact and figure out where to adjust for the company to save money (and CO2). 

Annual financial accounting, taxes, depreciation. You’re on top of all this - it’s a matter of habit for you! But what do you do when the boss suddenly asks for a climate accounting report along with the annual financial report?

Larger corporates are required to report on their social responsibility - including climate impact (paragraph 99a of the Danish Financial Statements Act).

Similar requirements are well on their way to smaller companies via legislation or client demands. Legacy makes it easy for you to impress the boss and make climate accounting a matter of habit too!

You spend an awful lot of time on calculations and excel sheets!

The requirements for methodologies and reporting within sustainability have increased.

Customers expect high quality calculations so they can use them strategically. But collecting quality data for calculations is a time-consuming (and - let’s be honest - tedious) task. Your time is better spent!

Use Legacy as the foundation for your client assignments and get cracking with the other (and frankly more exciting) parts of the job.

Larger companies need to justify their place in a more sustainable world
This trickles down the value chain and turns into more strict sustainability standards and requirements for their subcontractors to live up to. 

Larger companies (categories C and D in section 99a of the Danish FSA) are required to account for their social responsibility, including their climate impact according to scope 1 & 2 of the GHG Protocol.
Many corporations furthermore commit to OECD and UN Global Compact guidelines and thus actively invest in mapping and reporting for scope 3 - which in turn requires CO2 accounting from all subcontractors.

Are you a larger company or a subcontractor? Legacy can provide consistent reporting on scope 1 & 2 emissions.

Legacy is here to help you.

This is how it works

GHG Categories


Easily enter your consumption data, or simply give us permission to automatically deduct data from your electricity provider and utility companies. We’ll do the crunching and convert your numbers into CO2 data.


Create an accurate overview of the CO2 footprint (scope 1 & 2) in your company and keep track month after month. Compare your baseline with the average for your industry, and use your baseline to set goals for saving money and live up to increasing demands.

Track consumption and emissions
Report your CO2 footprint to stakeholders


Easily export your calculations in formats that match your financial statements, certifications, CSR report or customer requirements and document that you are in control of the minimum standards within the GHG Protocol (scope 1 & 2).

Ready to get started?

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About Legacy.

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“We started Legacy to help small and medium-sized businesses with sustainability. It is complex and often expensive for smaller businesses to make a difference.
We want to change that! "

Magnus Nørbo, CEO & Founder of Legacy